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Sunday, May 23, 2021

L.M. Singhvi Committee (1986) - Panchayati Raj (Rural Economics)

L.M. Singhvi Committee-Panchayati Raj 

In 1986, the Rajiv Gandhi government appointed a committee to prepare a concept paper on "Revitalization of Panchayati Raj Institutions for Democracy and Development" under the chairmanship of L.M.Singhvi.

L.M. Singhvi Committee (1986)

Recommendations by Singhvi Committee:

  • The Panchayati Raj institutions should be constitutionally recognized, protected, and preserved. For this purpose, a new chapter should be added to the Constitution of India. This will make their identity and integrity reasonably and substantially inviolate. It also suggested constitutional provisions to ensure regular, free, and fair elections to the Panchayat Raj bodies.

  • The villages should be recognized to make Gram Panchayats more viable. It also emphasized the importance of the Gram Sabha and called it the embodiment of direct democracy.

  • The judicial tribunals should be established in each state to adjudicate controversies about the election to the Panchayati Raj institutions, their dissolution, and other matter related to their functioning.



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