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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Chik Baraik Tribes Governance System: Jharkhand History- JPSC/ JSSC

Chik Baraik Tribes Governance System

The Chik Baraiks (Badaiks) is the weaver tribe of the Jharkhand. They mainly weave cloth. The tribe is also called the father of handmade clothes.

Native: Ranchi, Khunti, Gumla, Simdega, and Lohardaga districts.

The Chik Baraik tribes are included in Scheduled Tribe (ST) in Jharkhand, Bihar, and West Bengal. They are also known as Chikwa in Chattisgarh, Badaik in Odisha, and included as Scheduled Caste (SC).

Chik Baraik Tribes Governance System: Jharkhand History- JPSC/ JSSC


The traditional occupation of Chik Baraik is making clothes such as dhoti, saree, gamcha, etc. 

Language: they speak Nagpuri an Indo-Aryan language.

They have several clans among the tribe which is taken from various animals, objects, and places including Boda (Russell's viper), Chand (Moon), Baunkra (Heron), Jamakiar, Kothi, Kouwa (Crow), Kanjyasuri (Kanji Pani), Loha (Iron), Malua, Naurangi, Rajhans (Hamsa), Singhi (Asian stinging catfish), etc.

Their deities are Devi Mai, Surjahi (Sun), and Bar Pahari. They also worship moon, earth, and other deities. Snake is also worshiped as the ancestor of the caste.

Festivals: the traditional festivals are Asari, Nawakhani, Karam, Jitia, Sohrai, Fagun, etc. Their folk dance is Jhumair, Domkach, Fagua, etc.

Governance System:

Chik Baraik does not have its own ethnic governance system. Each of their villages has 15 families there residing. They live in mixed villages. Therefore, their problems are solved by the mixed gram panchayat. Many villages join together to form their in-house council, which is called Raja, Diwan, Panare, etc. are there to help him. All these positions are heredity. All disputes are settled by this council. According to their customs, they have rules and regulations, which are decided by keeping them in mind. Illegal sex, consensual or non-tribal sex is considered a serious offense. They have to face caste-boycott or harsh punishment for such crimes. 

Present Scenario:

At present, the All India Chik-Baraik Welfare Committee has been formed, which is making a significant contribution to the development of Chik Baraik.

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