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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Chero Tribes Governance System: Jharkhand History- JPSC/ JSSC

Chero Tribes Governance System

The Chero is an ancient tribe in Jharkhand, but they are also found in Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh. They belong to the proto-austroloid family. In Jharkhand, the tribe is primarily concentrated in Palamu, Latehar, and Garhwa district.

Chero Tribes Governance System: Jharkhand History- JPSC/ JSSC


The Chero community claims to be the descendants of the Rajput (Kshatriyas), who were a powerful race of Indian warriors whose kingdom existed between the 18th and 19th centuries. The Chero were once the lords of all the provinces surrounding the sacred Ganges River. While other members of the tribe claim to be Nagavanshi


The community has a traditional caste council that maintains strong social control over the community. They are Hindu but also worship several tribal deities, such as Sairi-Ma, Ganwar Bhabhani, Dulha Deo.

The Chero of Jharkhand has two sub-divisions:

  • Barahazari 
  • Terahazari

These two groups are endogamous and do not inter-marry. They practice clan exogamy and their main clans are the Mawar, Kuanr, Mahato, Rajkumar, Manjhia, Wamwat, Hantiyas. These clans are of unequal status and the Chero practice clan hypergamy. Caste boycott is also done for violating rules. They speak Hindi, Bhojpuri, and Nagpuri.

The Chero of Jharkhand are mainly farmers, with many were substantial landowners. Oxen buffaloes and cows are yoked to plow and carts to help them work in the fields. Goats, fish, and fowl are important components of their diet and are also used as sacrifices in religious ceremonies. 


The Chero caste has its own Panchayat, which works at the village level, region, and Mandal level.

The head of the Panchyat is called "Mukhiya", and at the district level is called as "Chairman".


  • Village disputes are settled in the panchayat.
  • The guilty are to be punished or fined. The decisions of the panchayat are final.

Like many people in India, the Chero belongs to a particular social class or caste. They are officially classified as landowners and farmers. In general, they are a proud race and have never forgotten that their bloodline is one of royalty.

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