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Saturday, February 20, 2021

JPSC Prelims 2013: General Studies- 1 Questions with Solutions



Q1. The Sage who is said have Aryanized South India was ? - Saga Agastya

Q2. During the period of 16 Mahajanpadas, Mathura was the capital of ? - Shurasena

Q3. Where did Buddha preach his first sermon ? - Sarnath

Q4. In the Mauryan period, tax evasion was punished with ? - Death

Q5. In which modern-day's State, the University of Vikramasila was located ? - Bihar

Q6. The art of Ajanta mainly patronized by the ? - Vakatakas

Q7. The Sultan who is said to have raised the land revenue to one-half of the produce was ? - Ala-ud-din Khilji

Q8. Which form of Buddhism was prominent during the Sultanate period ? - Vajrayana sect of Buddhism

Q9. Who is known as 'Andhra Bhoja' ? - Krishnadeva Raya

Q10. Hemchandra Vikramaditya is famous in Indian history as ? - Hemu Vikramaditya

Q11. Which revenue system is also known as the Bandobast System ? - Zabti

Q12. Abul Fazl's death was caused by ? - Prince Salim

Q13. Which Mughal Emperor prohibited the use of tobacco ? - Jahangir

Q14. The export of slaves from Bengal was banned in which year ? - 1789

Q15. 'Ring Fence' (1765- 1813) policy is associated with ? - Warren Hastings

Q16. The age of Consent Act was passed in the year ? - 1891

Q17. Public Works Department was organized in 1845- 1855 by ? - General Lord Dalhousie

Q18. Who was the first Indian selected as a member of the British Parliament ? - Dadabhai Naoroji

Q19. The first tribal leader who was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi and his ideology was ? - Jodanang (Naga spiritual leader)

Q20. Who was popularly known as the 'Frontier Gandhi' ? - Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan

Q21. For the first time, Poorna Swaraj was declared by the Congress at ? - Lahore session

Q22. The Rowlett Act was passed to ? - Curtail the nationals and revolutionary activities

Q23. Muzaffarpur Bomb Case (1908) is associated with ? - Khudiram Bose and Prafulla Chaki

Q24. Who was associated with Sanatan Adivasi Mahasabha ? - Theble Oraon

Q25. Who was linked closely with Kisan Sabha Movement in 1930s ? - Swami Sahajananda Saraswati


Q1. What causes the change of seasons ? - Earth's revolution and inclination of its axis

Q2. Which rocks are not likely to contain fossils ? - Granite

Q3. Which human activity is most affected by climate ? - Farming

Q4. The most common areas of nomadic herding are ? - dry areas

Q5. A large amount of labor is applied to small-sized holdings under the system of ? - Oriental farming

Q6. What is the effect of Chinook in the central plains in the USA ? - Temperature of winter rises

Q7. Which layer of the atmospheric layer is used for telecommunication? - Ionosphere

Q8. The first cotton mill of India was established at ? - Fort Gloster (Calcutta) in 1888

Q9. In which part of India, Dandakaranya is situated ? - Eastern India

Q10. What is the most accurate method of representing relief features ? - Contours

Q11. A tsunami is a result of ? - Cyclones

Q12. 'Transhumance' refers to ? - Seasonal movement of people and their herds from the valley to a mountain and vice versa

Q13. The power plant of Manikaran based on geothermal energy is in the State of ? - Himachal Pradesh in the Parvati valley on River Parvati

Q14. If LANDSAT data for an area is received today, then the data for an adjacent area to its west will be available ? - after a certain number of days at the same local time

Q15. The most abundant gas emitted from volcanoes is ? - water vapor, which is harmless

Q16. The correct sequence of the Great Lakes of the USA from east to west is ? - Ontario -> Erie -> Huron -> Michigan -> Superior

Q17. The Canadian Pacific Railway runs between ? - Halifax and Vancouver

Q18. Kaziranga is known for ? - Great Indian one-horned Rhinoceros

Q19. The Aswan High Dam is located in ? - Egypt

Q20. Robusta is a variety of what produced in Africa ? - Coffee


Q1. Which Commission advocated the establishment of a permanent Inter-State Council, called 'Inter-Governmental Council' ? - Sarkaria Commission (1983)

Q2. Name the Chairman of the law commission who advocated 'One-third of the judges in each High-Court should be from another State' ? - Justice H.R. Khanna

Q3. To whom does the President of India submit his resignation ? - The Vice- President of India (Article 61)

Q4. How long can the Vice- President act as President when the President cannot perform his duties for reasons of death, resignation, removal, or otherwise ? - 6 months

Q5. An ordinance promulgated by the President must be placed before the Parliament within how much time after the start of its session ? - 6 weeks

Q6. Estimates of the expenditure are submitted to the Parliament of India in the form of ? - Demands of Grants

Q7. The revenue estimates of the Budget in India are prepared by ? - the Ministry of Finance

Q8. 'Budget' is an instrument of ? - fiscal policy of the government

Q9. The provision that 'no bill imposing tax can be introduced in the legislature except on the recommendation of the President' is covered in the Constitution of India under ? - Article 117

Q10. Money received by the government under the 'State Providnet Funds' is credited to the ? - Public Accounts Fund

Q11. The Indian parliament exercises control on the audit of the Budget through its ? - Public Accounts Committee

Q12. In India, seats are reserved for women in ? - Panchayati Raj Bodies

Q13. The Nationalist Congress Party has formed in 1999 the split-in ? - Congress Party

Q14. With respect to the procedure of Budget in the Parliament, " the amount of demand be reduced to Re 1" is called ? - Policy Cut-Motion

Q15. Theoretically, if economic growth is conceptualized, which one of the following is not usually taken into consideration ? - A rise in financial aid from World Bank

Q16. Who was the Law Minister in the first Cabinet of post-independence India ? - B.R. Amdedkar

Q17. Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS), launched in 1975 in India, is a scheme implemented by ? - the Ministry of Women and Child Welfare

Q18. Rangarajan Committee on Disinvestment of Shares was appointed by the Government of India in ? -  1993

Q19. Which does not mainly form a part of the Tax Revenue of State Governments in India ? - Custom Duty

Q20. World Consumer Rights Day is celebrated on ? - 15th March

Q21. South Africa joined BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) of the fastest growing economies in ? - December 2010


Q1. Which Puja of the tribals is held in the Hindu month of Bhadrapada ? - Karma

Q2. The village head of the Santhals is called ? - Manjhi

Q3. 'Dhumkuria' social organization belongs to which tribal community ? - Oraon tribe

Q4. Surajkund of Hazaribagh is the hottest water spring of Jharkhand. What is its temperature ? - 88-degree Celsius (190-degree Fahrenheit)

Q5. In which region, 'Fusfus' sandy soil is found in Chota Nagpur ? - Damodar Valley region

Q6. When was the Damodar Valley Corporation established ? - 7th July 1948

Q7. When was the Catholic Church established in Ranchi ? - 1909

Q8. Which is the highest waterfall of Jharkhand where water falls from the height of 100 meters ? - Hundru falls (elevation 450 meters)

Q9. How many types of crops are mainly produced in Jharkhand ? - Three

Q10. Who was the main leader of the whole Singhbhum region in the 1857 Revolution ? - Raja Arjun Singh (1829 AD- 1890 AD)

Q11. When did the Tana Bhagat Movement start ? - April 1914

Q12. Which Adivasi leader from Chhota Nagpur was a member of the Constituent Assembly ? - Jaipal Singh Munda

Q13. What is the literary meaning of 'Birhor' ? - Man of Forest

Q14. From which Sanskrit word has the word 'Lac' originated ? - Laksha

Q15. When was Tata Iron and Steel Company established in Jharkhand ? - 26th August 1907

Q16. Who was the first Governor of Jharkhand ? - Prabhat Kumar

Q17. When did the Chota Nagpur region come under British rule ? - in 1765

Q18. When did the Santhal Pargana Tenancy Act (SPT) come into force ? - 1857

Q19. When did the Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act (CNT) enforced ? - 1908

Q20. When did the Wilkinson Law come into existence in Chota Nagpur ? - 1837

Q21. Sohrai is the biggest festival of which tribe ? - Santhal

Q22. What is the height of Parasnath Hill ? - 1370 meter (4480 feet)

Q23. What is the name of the festival of flowers of the Adivasis in Jharkhand ? - Sarhul

Q24. Which dance style of Jharkhand has become famous on a national and international level ? - Chhau

Q25. Who was the first Chief Minister of Jharkhand State ? - Babulal Marandi.



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