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Tuesday, August 11, 2020



As the Portuguese power wavered in the aftermath of the Spanish union, the Dutch took over from them. 

  • The Dutch came to India for trade
  • They were innovative people in business as well as in shipping techniques.
  • They had designed the fluitship (the Fluyt) which was much lighter and required a smaller crew, thus reducing its operating costs.
  • These ships proved to be superior to the bulkier and slower Portuguese ships eventually.

The Dutch (Netherland/ Holland):

(A.) Cornelius de Houtman (1596):

  • He was the first Dutch traveler to reach India. 
(B.) Dutch East India Company (1602):
  • 1606: First Dutch factory was established at Muslipatnam in Andhra Pradesh.
  • The second factory was set up at Pettopoli (Nizampatam)
  • 1610: The Dutch signed a treaty with the kings of Chandragiri & established their headquarters at Pulicat. Here they minted their gold coins called - 'pagoda'.
  • 1623: Amboyna massacre took place in Indonesia where the Dutch killed 10 Englishmen & 9 Japanese.
  • 1690: The Dutch headquarters were transferred from Pulicat to Nagapattinam.
  • 1759: 'Battle of Bedara (Bengal)'- The Dutch were defeated by the English & ending the Dutch power in India.



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