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Thursday, September 2, 2021

Paharia Revolt (1772- 1782): JPSC/ JSSC/ PSC

Paharia Revolt (1772-1782)

Paharia Tribe is the oldest tribe of the Santhal Pargana division. In fact, these are the first primitive inhabitants of this place.

They have three (3) sub-castes:

  • Kumarbhag: they are situated on the northern bank of river Bansloi.
  • Sauria: they are situated on the plateau of Rajmahal north of the Bansloi river.
Paharia Revolt (1772- 1782): JPSC/ JSSC/ PCS

The Paharia tribe struggled with foreign powers during the Rajput, Muslim, Mughal, and British periods. They made several rebellions against the British, which is considered to be the first widespread rebellion against foreign rule in the history of tribal struggle.

After the rebellion against the British in 1766 under the leadership of Ramna Ahari, Paharia did not rest in peace. In this rebellion, Sardar Ramna Ahari (Ghasniya, Dumka), Kariya Pulhar (Amgachi Pahar, Dumka), Changru Sanwaria (Targachi Hill, Rajmahal), Naib Suraja, etc. made the British sleepless.

But the most powerful rebellions took place in 1772, 1778, and 1779. Surya Changru Sanwaria, Pachge Domba Paharia, and Kariya Pulhar were martyred in the rebellion of 1772. Sankara Maharaja Sumer Singh was assassinated.

1781- 82: there was a revolt in 1781-82 when Rani Sarveshwari of Maheshpur Raja revolted, in which the Paharia chieftains openly supported the queen against the British.

Despite the decline of the Sardaris and Zamindari, the resistance of the hills continued. 

Between 1790 and 1810, the British made the Paharias a minority by making the Santhals a majority in these areas. Nevertheless, their rebellion continued.

1824: the British took their land in 1824 to suppress the Paharia conflict and declared their land as government property by giving the name 'Damin-e-Koh'.

Before the Santhal rebellion in the 19th century, Sardar Sundara Paharia, a resident of Dharni Pahar recognized them again.

In the Santhal rebellion of 1855-56, Mal Paharia played a more important role than Sauria and Kumarbagh.

Paharia Revolt (1772- 1782)

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