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Thursday, September 2, 2021

Dhal Rebellion/ Dhalbhum Revolt (1767- 1777): JPSC/ JSSC/ PSC

Dhal Rebellion (1767- 1777)

Important Facts:

1765: On August 12, 1765, the Mughal ruler Shah Alam II handed over the responsibility of Bengal, Bihar, and Orissa to the East India Company.

1767: The British's entry into Jharkhand began in 1767 AD.

1765: In 1765 AD, the area of Chotanagpur came under British rule.

Dhal Rebellion/ Dhalbhum Revolt (1767- 1777): JPSC/ JSSC/ PCS

The 'British's entry' in Jharkhand was first done from the side of Singhbhum-Manbhum. The first whirlwind of rebellion against the British sounded in this area.

At that time the main states in Singhbhum were: Dhalbhum, Porhat, and Kolhan.

1766: In March 1766, the East India Company (IEC) government determined that if the Rajas of Singhbhum accepted the Company's submission and paid annual taxes, military action would not be taken against them.

1767: The Rajas of SInghbhum refused to accept the Company's conditions. As a result, Singhbhum was attacked in 1767 AD under the leadership of Ferguson. At that time the hilly region of Chotanagpur was a safe haven for the rebel landlords.

1767: In 1767 AD, after the British entered Singhbhum, there was a widespread rebellion under the leadership of the deposed Raja Jagannath Dhal of Dhalbhum, which is known as the 'Dhal Rebellion'.

The Dhal Rebellion lasted for ten (10) years. Lieutenant Rook and Charles Megan were sent by the English Company to suppress this rebellion, but they did not succeed.

1777: In 1777 AD, this rebellion was pacified after the English Company accepted Jagannath Dhal as the king of Dhalbhum again. 

In return for becoming the king, Jagannath Dhal agreed to pay an annual tax of Rs. 2000, Rs. 3000, and Rs. 4000 to the English company in three (3) years respectively. This amount is increased to Rs. 4267 in 1800 AD.

Dhal Rebellion/ Dhalbhum Revolt (1767- 1777)

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