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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Jharkhand General Knowledge: JPSC/JSSC - Part-2


Where is in Jharkhand who was the first iron and steel industry in the private sector established ?- Jamshedpur

Q2. What was the name given by Raja Man Singh to the new city located in Rajmahal ? - Akhbar Nagar

Q3. Who surprised Munda Ulgulan (Munda Revolt) ?  - Commissioner Forbes/Dy. Commissioner, H.C. Streatffield

Q4. What was the original name of Jaipal Singh Munda? - Pramod Pahan

Q5. In which year 'Betla National Wildlife Sanctuary' was declared as protected area under project tiger ? - 1974

Q6. Which Governor served for the longest period from May 2015 to May 2020 in Jharkhand ? - Draupadi Murmu

Q7. Who was the founder of the Jharkhand party (1950) ? -  Jaypal Singh Munda

Q8. In which year were Civil Procedure Codes implemented ? - 1859

Q9. When was Chota Nagpur Tenancy (CNT) Act passed ? - 1908

Q10. In which year was Civil Procedure Code implemented ? - 1859

Q11. Which Vaishnav priest stayed in the Panch Pargana area for a few days in the 16th century to preach the tribal there ? - Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

Q12. When was South Western Frontier Agency (SWA) constituted as a non-regulation state ? - in 1834

Q13. During sadari Movement in 1881, in which Christian leaders had declared Chhota Nagpur as Mundas' Nation and had hoisted the flag at Dhoisagarh that was the earlier capital of Nagvanshi ? - John Baptist

Q14. Who was the founder of Chota Nagpur Santhal Pargana Adivasi Sabha (1938) ? - Theodore Surin

Q15. Which district in Jharkhand has the maximum reserves of Mica ? - Koderma

Q16. When did Chero Revolt take place ? - From 1800- 1819

Q17. Gopal Rai was connected with which revolt ? - Chero Revolt

Q18. When was the 'Jharkhand Tourist Home Stay Scheme' launched ? - in 2009

Q19. Which rocks formed the Rajmahal traps ? - Basalt Rock

Q20. In which year was Bihar province separated from Bengal ? - in 1912

Q21. Who performed the Natua dance ? - Men

Q22. In which district Khandoli tourist spot is located ? - Giridih

Q23. With which dynasty is Ratu forth linked ? - Nagvansh

Q24. Which tribe in Jharkhand is known as a skilled weaver ? - Chick Baraik

Q25. In which district is Madhuban, an important shrine of Jains located ? -Giridih

Q26. An ancient temple of Basudeo Rai, located in which place ? - Korambe (Senha block, Lohardaga)

Q27. At which place in Jharkhand did Shuja established his capital ? - Rajmahal

Q28. Which tourist place in Jharkhand is considered to be a place of confluence of three religions ? - Kauleshwari (Chatra)

Q29. To which dynasty is Maluti, the village of temples linked ? - Pal dynasty

Q30. Where is the birthplace of 10th Jain Tirthankar ? - Kauleshwari (Chatra)

Q31. Where in Jharkhand is National Sports University being established ? -Khelgaon, Hotwar, Ranchi

Q32. Where is Ramakrishna Vidyapeeth located in Jharkhand ? - Deoghar

Q33. Which district is the largest producer of graphite in Jharkhand ? - Palamu

Q34. What is the ancient name of Maluti ? - Nankar Raj

Q35. What kind of soil is found in Damodar Valley ? - Sandy soil

Q36. Who had built Shri Bansidhar Temple located at Nagar Untari ? - Maharani Shivamani Kunwar

Q37. In which Mosque at Ranchi did Maulana Abul Kalam Azad offer Namaz during his house arrest ? - Jama Masjid, Ranchi

Q38. Of which tribe are Uthulus and Janghis subclasses ? - Birhor

Q39. From which location in Jharkhand were Copper and stone implements of the Chalcolithic era recovered ? - Bundu and Dahigadha

Q40. Which sect of Buddhism was flourishing in Jharkhand during Pala rulers ? - Vajrayan

Q41. Which tribal community had revolted against Company Government in 1818 ? - Ho

Q42. When was the first census held in Jharkhand ? - 1872

Q43. What is the percentage of minerals reserves in Jharkhand out of the total found in India ? - 37 %

Q44. Where is 'Birsa Bhagwan Biological Park' situated ? - Ranchi

Q45. Where is 'Gautam Budhha Sanctuary' located ? - Koderma

Q46. In which district of Jharkhand maximum spices are produced ? - Palamu

Q47. Which soil found in Jharkhand is not suitable for agriculture ? - Laterite soil

Q48. Who was the leader who organized Kisan Sabha in 1929 during the freedom movement ? - Theble Oraon

Q49. Which range of rocks is scarce in Jharkhand ? - Cuddapah Range

Q50. Where is the headquarters of the North Chhota Nagpur Division located ? - Hazaribagh

Q51. Which of the districts in Jharkhand has the maximum number of people from Scheduled Caste (SC) ? - Palamu

Q52. On which occasion do women sing 'Manjhan' folk song ? - Birth of a Child

Q53. Who is the author of the book 'Mundari Tud Kothari' that won the Sahitya Akademi Award ? - Mansingh Mundu

Q54. In which district of Jharkhand maximum spices are produced ? - Palamu

Q55. In which district is Canary Hill located ? - Hazaribagh

Q56. Who established the Anglo-Indian village located at Ranchi ? - Edward Thomas McCluskie

Q57. Which city of Jharkhand is known as 'Pitsburg' ? - Jamshedpur

Q58. From which direction and to which directions does Subarnarekha River ? - West to South-East

Q59. Which fort is called Hampi of Jharkhand ? - Navratangarh, Gumla

Q60. With which other name is Sarhul festival known ? - Baha

Q61. Which place in Jharkhand is known as Haldi Ghati ? - Korambe (Lohardaga)

Q62. Which of the temples in Jharkhand is considered to be the place for last rites as per Puranas ? - Baidyanath Temple

Q63. Under which Railway Zone is Dhanbad district ? - East-Central Railway, Hajipur

Q64. Which forest area in Jharkhand is the largest protected forest area ? - Palamu Forest Area

Q65. Which British Officer had built the Bada Talab at Ranchi ? - Colonel Osley

Q66. Adjacent to which hill is Kanke Dam located in Ranchi ? - Gonda Hill

Q67. Which ruler had built Kamaldah lake ? - Medini Rai

Q68. With what name is the residence of the Birhor tribe in Jharkhand known ? - Tanda

Q69. In which district is Harihar Dham located ? - Giridih

Q70. In which city is Keenan Stadium located ? - Jamshedpur.


Jharkhand General Knowledge: JPSC/JSSC - Part-1


Q1. Which sect of Buddism was flourishing in Jharkhand during Pala rulers ? - Vajrayana

Q2. Which freedom fighter did the British arrest on 3rd March 1900 from Jamkopai forest in Chakradharpur when he was sleeping ? - Birsa Munda

Q3. Central is the Central Institute of Mining & Fuel Research (CIMFR) located in Jharkhand ? - Dhanbad

Q4. When was the Mukhyamantri Krishi Ashirwad Yojana launched ? - 1st January 2019

Q5. Who was the minister of state forest and environment in the Government of Atal Bihari Vajpayee ? - Babulal Marandi

Q6. Where is the shrine of the Shwetambar Jain located in the Giridih district ? - Madhuban Parasnath

Q7. Which is the state animal of the Jharkhand ? - Elephant

Q8. Who declared 'Now Munda Raj has started and rule of Maharani Victoria is overed' ? - Birsa Munda

Q9. Which of the commanders of Sher Shah had attacked Chero ruler Maharath Chero of Palamu in 1538 and looted him ? - Khawas Khan

Q10. Which other country elaborated for setting up the Patratu Thermal Power Station (PTPS) ? - Russia in 1962

Q11. What is the name of the first college in Jharkhand ? - St. Columbus College (Hazaribagh) established in 1895.

Q12. Koda tribe is an offshoot of which tribe ? - Munda

Q13. Who finished the Mughal influence in Jharkhand ? - Maratha

Q14. Which eminent personality is Tiger Hill related to ? - Jyotindra Nath Tagore, settled in 1912, after the death of his wife, Kadambari Devi.

Q15. What was the immediate cause of the Munda ulgulan ? - Forest Safety Law of 1894

Q16. Which is the district with largest population in Jharkhand ? - Ranchi

Q17. Which name is 'Akhil Bhartiya Sabha' of Khadia cast known ? - Doklo

Q18. Which is the festival celebrated once in 12 years ? - Jaini Shikhar and Dishauli

Q19. Which is the biggest Earthern dam in the country ? - Tenughat Dam (Bokaro)

Q20. Which ruler of Khandesh was given the title of Jharkhandi Sultan by historian ? - Adil Shah II

Q21. Which tribe is related to Shaurya Pahadiya ? - Maler

Q22. How many time 'J' has been used in the previous logo of Jharkhand state ? - Four

Q23. At which place did the British fire in the same manner as they did at Jallianwala Bagh ? - Dombari Buru Hill

Q24. Oraon (Kurukh), Korma,  and Pahariya (Mahto) belong to which language family ? - Dravidian

Q25. In which month is circular celebrated as per the Hindu calendar ? - Chaitra

Q26. Which atomic mineral is found in Jharkhand ? - Uranium

Q27. Scheduled Caste has the lowest literacy rate ? - Bhuiyan

Q28. Which Magadh Emperor had got Buddhist temples constructed in Itkhori ? - Mahendra Pal

Q29. What was the effective date for the formation of Jharkhand state as per notification dated 12 October 2000 by the central government ? - 15th November 2000

Q30. Which ruler from Odisha had established his rule over a part of Jharkhand after occupying the same ? - Kapilendra

Q31. When did Rathore Rajput establish their dynasty in Singhbhum ? - 693 CE

Q32. Which district has the lowest population in Jharkhand ? - Lohardaga

Q33. Which mineral group does Tungsten belong to ? - Metallic

Q34. What was the name of the founder of Kharagdiha state (established in 15th century ) ? - Hansraj Deo

Q35. Who had laid the foundation stone for Anjuman Islamia and Madrasa Islamia in Ranchi in 1917 ? - Abul Kalam Azad

Q36. Hundru Falls located on which river ? - Subarnarekha

Q37. In which district Konar Hydel power station is located ? - Hazaribagh

Q38. Who started the Tana Bhagat movement ? - Jatra Oraon

Q39. What is the percentage of the population in Jharkhand in India as per Census 2011 ? - 2.72 %

Q40. Jhumar, Paika,  Natua and Agni are types of ? - Dance

Q41. Which is the highest waterfall in Jharkhand ? - Lodh or Buddha waterfall (Latehar) in the Burha River

Q42. Which festival in Jharkhand is celebrated as a festival of sowing seeds ? - Sohrai

Q43. Which tribe is the marriage tradition 'Kirin Bapla' related to ? - Santhal

Q44. Who is the first chess player from Jharkhand to become the World champion ? - Deep Sengupta

Q45. In which year did Lance Naik Albert Ekka suffer martyrdom during the Indo Pak war ? - 1971

Q46. Where is the GEL Church/ Christ Church established in 1855 located ? - Ranchi

Q47. Which district has the lowest Urban population in Jharkhand ? - Godda

Q48. In which district Konar Hydel power station is located ? - Hazaribagh

Q49. With what name is the high every cultural land in Jharkhand known ? - Tand

Q50. Where is the rank of Jharkhand in the country in respect of Coal reserves ? - First

Q51. Where is the biggest Coal washery in Asia located ? - Kargali (Bokaro)

Q52. What is the rank of Jharkhand in the country in respect of Pyrites production ? - First

Q53. By which name Jan disciples called the temple of Maa Bhadrakali located at Itkhori in Chatra district ? - Bhaduli Mata

Q54. What is the highest in meters of Parasnath Hill ? - 1370 meters (4490 ft.)

Q55. Where in the Jharkhand in black soil found the most ? - Rajmahal

Q56. Hundru waterfall is located on which plateau ? - Ranchi plateau

Q57. What was the population growth of the Koderma district that recorded the maximum decadal growth ? - 43.4 2 %

Q58. Where is the Betla National Park ? - Latehar district

Q59. What was the name of Birsa Munda in his childhood ? - Daud Munda

Q60. Who was the last Nagvanshi ruler ? - Chintamani Nath Sahadev

Q61. Which tribe played the main role in Chuar Rebellion (1769 to 1805) -  Bhumij

Q62. Which state does Lakshmi Rani Manjhi, who participated in Rio Olympics, belong to ? - Jharkhand

Q63. Which part of Jharkhand has a concentration of auto ancillary industries ? - West Singhbhum

Q64. Who is the author of 'Marang Goda Neelkanth Hua' ? -  Dr. Mahua Maji

Q65. What is Domkach ? -  Kind of folk dance

Q66. Which rebellion was Sidhu-Kanhu related to ? - Santhal rebellion (1855- 56)

Q67. In which year was the Gokul Gram Yojana launched for improving cattle breeds and increasing milk production ? - 2004

Q68. Which district in Jharkhand has the origin of the Sankh river ? - Gumla

Q69. Which is the leading state in respect of production and reserves of Copper ? - Jharkhand

Q70. Where is Birsa Munda Central Jail Hotwar located ? - Ranchi.


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